Telehealth the Innovation to Increase Access to Counseling for All

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When you are hurting emotionally or need help coping, time, money, and location should not keep you from accessing mental healthcare.

The innovation of telehealth services seems to increase the possibility that people everywhere can connect with a licensed counselor.

So how does the innovation of telehealth remove the barriers of time, money, and place?


People who use telehealth for counseling do not have to plan travel to an office. Also, most telehealth providers offer hours outside tradition 10 am – 6 pm business hours. Additionally, childcare concerns are changed from who will keep the children to what the children can do quietly and safely during the appointment. Finding the time to take the time to engage in mental health seems more doable with telehealth. Counselors who decide to use telehealth often complete additional training well beyond the required continued education.


Individuals who use telehealth for counseling often do so at a reduced cost because telehealth providers have lower overhead costs. Most insurances also cover the cost of telehealth. Those insurances include Medicaid providers like TennCare. Telehealth minimizes the cost of mental health care, not quality.


Clients who use telehealth for counseling increase their options of providers because the provider can be located anywhere in the state. Sometimes the right counselor is not in your town. Using telehealth allows you to choose from a wider variety of counselors that might meet your needs like a specific approach, appointment times, or racial/cultural background. Telehealth allows you to be selective in your choice of a counselor.

Regardless of your reasons for exploring telehealth, time, money, or location, remember your goal for seeking care is to feel and live better.

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Are you curious about how telehealth works? Check out these videos about some of the more popular telehealth platforms:

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