More About Us

At Temple Renovation Center, LLC, we define compassion and innovation within a Christian biblical perspective.

  • Compassion means to feel the distress, to be moved as to yearn toward as the multitude and towards individual sufferers, and to show kindness by beneficence (Vine et al., 1996).
  • Innovation means newness, unaccustomed or unused, new as in form or quality of different from nature from what is contrasted as old, fresh (Vine et al., 1996).   

Compassion and innovation are more than words we say or print in our brochure. As we think of how our practice participates in the community, or handles our finances, we believe compassion and innovation will allow us to demonstrate our Christianity and humbly receive the guidance of the Holy Spirit in these ways:

Clinical Practice. We will allow ourselves to be present ontologically present (all of our roles and identities are available to hear and sit with a client).  We will position ourselves to serve all people who desire to utilize our services.

Community Involvement. We will volunteer our time, resources, and knowledge to communities near or far.  We will strive to promote the wellbeing of humankind in all levels of society.  

Handling of Finances. We will give our tithes to support the kingdom of God and practice philanthropy. We will also use finances to care for our family and ourselves.

Whether our clients identify as Christian or other religious and spiritual traditions, we are committed to operationalizing compassion and innovation as outlined above. We also commit to adhering to professional ethical guidelines.

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