Telehealth: Innovation for All

We thought that it would be helpful to write briefly about the Center’s decision to establish our business virtually. In the current climate of COVID-19 and social distancing as well as staying-safer-at-home, people might think our decision was intended to make the most of the situation. Well, we do accept the opportunity and are grateful for it. We also know that telehealth was the best option because we wanted to remove barriers for people who work, have families and may have difficulty finding childcare, struggle with reliable transportation, and maybe available outside of traditional business hours. So the decision to go virtual was also in response to one of the objectives of Temple Renovation Center: Access.

At Temple Renovation Center, LLC we strive to ensure that everyone has access to models and treatments that have shown to help people live better and thrive. Everyone deserves the best!

We offer our services using two HIPPA-Compliant web-based platforms.

Remember contact us at or 888-483-6773 for more information.

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