About Us

Temple Renovation Center strives to help youth, adults, and families restore and transform their lives. We work toward this vision by providing compassionate and innovative mental health and pastoral counseling. We believe that time and space should not stop people from taking care of themselves and their relationships. We are here to help people to be their best, imperfect selves, individually and together. Read on to learn more.

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Temple Renovation Center focuses on the prevention and intervention of social determinants of health by removing barriers to mental health and pastoral counseling.


  • Incorporate environmental, biological, and psychosocial factors that mitigate and resolve the negative impacts of trauma and adverse childhood experiences into clinical care.
  • Utilize and advance current research knowledge and methods to include people from diverse cultural backgrounds.  
  • Infuse values and beliefs about wellness and wellbeing to increase and enhance the short and long term functioning  at the individual, social, vocational, and civic levels.


  • Access: offer research and evidenced-based, therapeutic models and treatment that are shown to reduce and alleviate emotional distress.
  • Equity:  provide the most appropriate care regardless of socioeconomic status
  • Inclusion: establish and sustain interdependent relationships with individuals, communities, and organization who support the vision and mission of the center

Contact us today to schedule a free 30-minute consultation: https://templerenovationcenter.com/contact-us/

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